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Alfred Hitchcock described happiness as a clear horizon, free from worry. When you can look forward and the road is clear ahead, allowing for creativity, and not distraction, and now you are going to create something. That is as happy as I could ever be, and that is what we do.

Our Technology

Our Flex-Manage technology is multi-modal, and operates in multiple dimensions.

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Sorting Platform

Our unique multimodal sorting platform is capable of tracking people, assets, and locations across time, and space. Using our technique of multimodal data reflection sorting we are able tie your coordinates to mobile devices, laptop computers, file systems, and networks in real time and across multiple domains.


Location Awareness

Smart Tracking

We are able to track people, and assets in the field, and provide location based bar coding, reporting, and support using Google map placements, and real time clock API.


Concierge Level

Superior Support

A personalized dedicated around the clock support based in the USA. Professionalism, an extensive knowledge of technology, and a broad range of talents make us special. A diverse group of programming specialists, and technical support specialists guide our unique and innovative software solutions for our clients.

Case Studies

How are our software products, and service used.

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Support For Travelers And Hotels

Single traveler out of town, or 5000 room casino, providing personalized support, when and how you need it.


Inventory Management Systems

Tracking and supporting your staff in the field, and reporting all assets in real time.


Multi Business Management Support

Managing your properties, your pizza shop, and your contractor company from one place.

About Us

Where have we been and where we are going

We have invented a highly adaptable multimodal management platform. A platform, and a service capable of providing you freedom, and happiness.

Our systems, and our service is designed to allow you the freedom to move forward. Our platform allows you to manage your businesses, your home, your agenda, and anything else, all from one place, and one standard.

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Latest News

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    June 9, 2012
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What We Offer

Platform And Support

Manage many operations with concierge level support.

  • Highly adaptable
  • Completely customizable
  • MultiModal
  • Cloud, hybrid cloud, or on your server
  • Around the clock personalized support
  • Very affordable
  • Standard SQL data structure